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Why Blockchain Developers are rare?


According to the recent study data from LinkedIn, Blockchain technology is one of the top in demand technical skills in 2022. Blockchain as a technology started flying high in recent times though the technology is close to 15 years in market.

Many financial institutions and governments are convinced about the power of the Blockchain as a technology.

Talking about our topic, we need to cover three questions in simple language

  • What is Block Chain?
  • Who are all called BlockChain developers?
  • Why they are in so much demand?

What is Block Chain?

I am trying my best to keep this article non-technical. So, in simple english, Blockchain is a method of storing transactions or data. Using this methodology for storing data increases security drastically, because it’s very complex to change data once it’s saved.

Because of its immutable nature, many institutions are trying to adopt this method for storing data.

Who are all called BlockChain developers?

The concept of block chain works based on a contract, similar to a real life contract between two parties for any business or lands or promises. Blockchain’s contracts are called as “Smart Contracts”. Like C, C++, Java : Blockchain uses a language called Solidity for creating Smart contracts.

Solidity is very similar to NodeJs in a quick view. So, all the developers who are mastering Solidity and its tools, are basically eligible to work in BlockChain.

Why are they so much in demand?

Insights & analytics company Gartner predicts Blockchain will grow to a $3Trillion market in 10 years. Demand of Blockchain developers were raised to whooping 2000% in last 2 years.

The salary and compensation of Block chain developers were 120% to 150% higher than a conventional developer. They are valued heavily because of the challenges in adopting the technology and relevant tools (Geth, Remix, Mist, Solium, Parity, BaaS, Truffle and more).

Based on our experience, an average developer will take 12 to 15 weeks of committed training and practising just to scratch the surface of blockchain development.

So given the growing demand and poor supply, the blockchain developers are in very high in demand across the globe.

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