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What We’re Offering

Our company’s resources are adeptly deployed in four distinct staffing categories for diverse project needs

fixed bid

Fixed Bid

We engage in complete outsourcing for standalone projects, collaborating with the client’s product manager or business team to outline requirements. Time and cost estimates will be provided based on these requirements, and we ensure a commitment to deliver the project


Project Outsourcing (T&M)​

We undertake standalone projects utilizing a comprehensive outsourcing approach. We collaborate with the client’s product manager or business team to outline project requirements. Cost and time estimations are provided based on these requirements and compensated in milestones upon delivery. Our commitment is to ensure the project’s successful completion

supervised t&m

Supervised T&M​

Under our supervised staffing services, we offer resources with specified capabilities and ensure project delivery commitment. Our approach involves collaboration between our product manager and the client’s Product team to draft sprint plans. Development proceeds based on client-approved sprints. Monthly invoices will be raised for all engaged resources, as per the specified rates.

staff augumentation

Staff Augmentation

Efficient staff augmentation with skilled, prepped resources for rapid coding. Aligned with project needs, clients manage tasks while our professionals join daily standups, integrating seamlessly. Accessible via tools like Zoho Cliq during work hours, we swiftly address concerns and promise resource replacement within 2 weeks if needed

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