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Codingmart pioneers the gaming tech landscape, delivering innovative solutions that enhance digital experiences and foster collaboration among developers, all while leveraging cutting-edge technologies for data-driven decision-making and streamlined project efficiency.

Innovative Solutions

Codingmart delivers technology-rich solutions that optimize the digital experience in the gaming industry, ensuring clients stay at the forefront of innovation.

Collaborative Development

Our digital tools foster collaboration among game developers, designers, and stakeholders, promoting seamless communication and teamwork for unparalleled gaming experiences.

Data-Driven Game Development

Utilizing digital platforms, we enable data-driven decision-making in the gaming sector, providing real-time analytics for informed choices in game design, development, and market strategy.

Technological Advancement

Embracing VR, AR, and IoT technologies, CodingMart drives innovation in the gaming realm, enhancing user engagement and delivering groundbreaking project outcomes.

Efficiency Boost

Our ERP systems streamline game development processes, from initial concept to release, ensuring heightened efficiency and productivity, ultimately reducing project timelines and costs for our gaming industry clients.

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A Mumbai-based employee engagement company dedicated to fostering sustainable and engaging work environments. Specializing in online games tailored for corporates, Extramile empowers companies to seamlessly browse, play, and customize a diverse range of games on their website, enhancing employee engagement and promoting a positive work culture.

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Codingmart collaborates with, India’s largest poker site boasting over 2 million users. In partnership with Adda52Rummy, CodingMart contributes to the development of strategic solutions like Adda52AMS for microservices management, Adda52campa for campaign management, Adda52unity, and seamless integration with PAYU Payment Gateway CMS, enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience

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