Staff Augmentation

Boost Your Project Productivity with Skilled Coding Resources

What is Staff Augmentation?

Resource Expertise

Offering skilled professionals with defined capabilities for project support.

Rapid Deployment

Immediate readiness for coding tasks within a week of onboarding.

Client-Driven Task Assignment

Clients manage task allocation while augmented staff integrate into daily operations.

Accessible Collaboration

Utilizing communication tools like Zoho Cliq for seamless interaction during work hours.

Performance Assurance

Promptly addressing concerns and replacing resources within a two-week timeframe if needed.

What we Do?

Skilled Resource Provision

Offering qualified resources adept in coding, ready for immediate deployment within a week, screened specifically for the project’s requirements.

Client Task Assignment

Empowering clients to delegate tasks to the resources who actively participate in daily standups and seamlessly integrate into the existing team structure.

Communication Accessibility

Ensuring resource availability through client-centric communication tools like Zoho Cliq during working hours for enhanced collaboration.

Swift Issue Resolution

Immediate handling of concerns or performance issues by our team, with a commitment to replace resources within a maximum of 2 weeks if necessary.

Experienced Collaboration

Facilitating a collaborative environment where skilled resources engage as integral team members, contributing effectively to project goals.

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