Project outsourcing (T&M)

Custom T&M Resource Services for Maximum Success

What is Project Outsourcing​?

Collaborative Drafting

Involving the client’s team to outline project requirements in a complete outsourcing model.

Estimation Sharing

Providing time/cost estimates based on requirements for milestone-based payments.

Milestone Payments

Structuring payments based on project delivery milestones, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Commitment to Delivery

Assuring responsibility for project completion and successful delivery rests with our company.

Product Manager Involvement

Engaging the client’s product manager or business team for requirement drafting.

What we Do?

Tailored Solutions

Crafting customized strategies to meet unique client needs effectively.

Transparent Communication

Maintaining open and clear channels for seamless collaboration and updates.

Timely Deliverables

Ensuring punctual completion and delivery of projects as per agreed-upon schedules.

Continuous Support

Providing ongoing assistance and guidance beyond project completion for client satisfaction.

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