What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is a chat robot that interacts with a human to answer questions and give out information based on the query that is given by the human. These chatbots are functional with the help of pre-programmed rules as well as AI and works on a number of messenger platforms.

How are Chatbots different from Siri?

Chatbots are said to have a more elevated intelligence. Additional to answering questions they can foresee what you might ask next and make the suggestions accordingly.

How do Chatbots work?

There are a few ways in which a chatbots can be programmed; however the most common form is that of a rules-based. These bots are similar to the automated customer service lines and guide consumers through a decision tree model.

Bots are known to have evolved to add NLP or natural language processing. This translates the common language into one that a bot can understand.

The kinds of bots:

There are two basic categories into which chatbots are categorized:

Rule-based chatbots: They can respond to specific commands.
Artificial intelligence: They can respond to natural language.
How do they work?

An NLP bot uses a combination of steps to convert speech and text into data and provide the user with a response. Given below are few of the steps:

Tokenization – The natural language processor divides characters into pieces or tokens that are linguistically significant or otherwise useful for the application.
Named entity recognition – Looks for categories of words, like the name of a product, a person’s name, or an address.
Normalization – Processes text in an effort to find common spelling or typographical errors that might impact meaning.
Part of speech tagging – Identifies parts of speech — nouns, verbs — in the text with the aim of understanding complex sentence structures and how those structures impact meaning.
Dependency parsing – Looks for subjects and objects in the given text to find dependent phrases.
Sentiment analysis – Watches to learn if the human user is having a good experience or if the chat conversation should be elevated, if you will, to a human operator.

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