Virtual try-on: A tweak to the shopping experience

If there is something that is rendering you impuissant from buying items like clothes, specs, jewelry, etc. online, then it must be the inability to see how the product looks and fits you. Virtual try-on is out there for you! 

Have you ever seen an ad for lenskart or visited lenskart website? There’ll be too many frames. If you choose a frame, you can see the option to try it on in 3d. It captures your face through a camera and gives you an outlook of how the frame fits you and looks on your face. It’s exactly the same as seeing your face in a mirror by wearing the frame in a shop. But, you are able to try it by sitting at your place without needing to struggle a bit. Interesting right? 

Is that only applicable for frames? No! When you go to a shop to buy lipstick, many shops won’t allow you to try it out. Then, you will be able to select it just by assuming it will look good. Sometimes, our interpretation may fail. Suppose if there is an option to try all the lipstick shades and choose the most alluring one, you will be the happiest. Nykaa provides you with that! You can choose a lipstick and try how it looks on you.

Similarly, if you want to try fashion jewelry, you can do it through a virtual try on. These techniques are now being applied to a lot of products such as clothing, tattoos, etc. It doesn’t stop with that. In the future, you will be able to try how a wall painting looks on your wall through virtual try on. Your furniture, house crafts, decoratives, etc can also be tried virtually and the best matching products can be brought.

But, how is this virtual try on made possible? Let’s explore the magic behind it. Augmented Reality(AR), Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning are the driving forces behind virtual try on. Adequate hardware when equipped with this modern software and technologies can provide exact results. For example, a good camera, along with a depth-sensing camera or hardware like LiDaR (Light Detection and Ranging) can provide the best possible results. iPhone 14 is one of such devices that has all the above sensors. Hence, it has excellent AI and Machine learning capabilities.

Why is VTO(Virtual Try On) gaining huge attention now? 

COVID-19 lockdown has hugely impacted the fashion and retail industry. The entire fashion industry was hit hard. That’s when the e-commerce and online fashion stores were gaining importance. But, many weren’t completely satisfied with the online shopping experience owing to the inability to try things out. This also resulted in significant returns as people returned things as the delivered products were of different size or color, making the situation worse. During such critical time, VOT lent its helping hand. It brought happiness on people’s faces and improved the trust on online shopping. 

What merits does VOT offer? 

  • Reduced returns. 
  • Next-generation lively shopping experience. 
  • Improved trust and reliability in online shopping. 
  • 3d try-on that offers an online shopping experience. 
  • Customer engagement. 

Have you ever tried Virtual Try-On? How did you feel? 

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