Virtual hiring Master Plans for the recruiters

Virtual hiring master plans for the recruiters | blog

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we started to lose physical communication. It became tough to maintain relationships. If there is one particular department that is extremely disappointed by the COVID-19, it has to be the HR department. 

Recruitment has become a tough job now as assessing candidates virtually without any physical interaction isn’t a piece of a cake. The recruitment teams had to adapt to virtual hiring as there is no other way to carry out hiring owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. To aid them, we have got a set of strategies that can make the virtual hiring experience


  • Focus on Emotional intelligence 

Assessing a candidate only on the basis of skills and experience may not work out every time. If a highly qualified and skilled candidate isn’t emotionally intelligent, chances of him not being a good fit in the position are high. Hence, it is pivotal to focus on assessing the emotional intelligence of the candidates. 

Emotional intelligence deals with how a person responds to work conditions such as a high pressure environment, collaborating with teams, ability to work unsupervised, etc. Many companies are introducing tests and interviews particularly to assess the emotional intelligence of the candidates. It results in hiring a candidate who is both skilled and adaptive. 

  • Be adaptable 

As a part of hiring, it is essential to see through the candidates. Recruiters should make sure that the candidates are not facing any difficulties. If any so, they must try to lend a helping hand to them. If there is something serious, they can try rescheduling the interviews. 

Often, candidates face difficulties with internet connections or their environment may not be best suited for attending a virtual interview due to any unforeseen reasons. During such occasions, recruiters should pay attention to the candidates and do their part to conduct the interviews peacefully. Who knows, that one candidate who has been facing internet issues may be the best candidate. So, be flexible.

  • Use technology to automate 

Recruitment teams have a lot of work. One of the most tedious tasks of HRs is to go through a heap of resumes to shortlist candidates. With the growth of technology, many AI powered tools are capable of doing the same task quickly. As a result, recruiters can spend more time on assessing the candidates. 


In addition, a lot of tools provide useful insights about the candidates. One can leverage them to take informed and accurate decisions.

  • Concentrate on what’s needed

Before deciding who to hire, recruiters need to focus on what are their requirements. The hiring strategy should match the requirements. Recruiting just for the sake of transformation and automation may backfire if your organization’s infrastructure and culture doesn’t suit or necessarily need it. So, essential care must be taken to avoid unnecessary waste of resources during these tough times.

  • Internal Recognition 

In many companies, there are skilled people who work in other departments. If there is any requirement to hire, recruiters can prioritize the performance and skill set of their internal employees who are either temporary or freshers. They can then be scrutinized and allowed to shift departments as per their convenience or they can be promoted to hiring designations. This includes mutual benefits as both the employees’ promotion, well being during critical times is being taken care of while the companies needs are satisfied. 

These are few of the master strategies that can be followed to make the recruitment experience a pleasant one. If you have any other strategies, please let us know via LinkedIn or Facebook. We’ll be happy to share it with our social world!

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