Types of servers you should know before planning for a website

Websites have been ruling the internet since their inception. The internet wouldn’t have served its purpose and attained surplus growth without the advent of websites. Day by day, the demand for websites is soaring. They have set their footprints in almost all sectors ranging from defense to health. E-commerce is one of the sectors where there is a huge demand for websites. If you are planning to own a website for your business, then you should know what type of server will do the job

What are Web Servers?

Lets quickly have a look at what web servers mean. Web Servers store all the information related to your website like images, videos, text, files, etc., on a server and make it available to users across the globe. Cheap plans may entice amateur web developers. It is essential to know all the hosting plans of services providers such as GoDaddy, Linode, AWS, Azure etc., in detail as choosing the wrong hosting may land you in trouble.

What is Shared Hosting? What are its merits and demerits?

As the name suggests, it involves a server containing a few other websites hosted alongside yours. Hence, you will have shared resources such as ROM, RAM, etc. This type of hosting is especially suited for those who are not capable of maintaining their servers or who have less technical knowledge. There are certain downsides to this hosting. Your server may take more time to load as your audience grows. Besides, you will not have any control over the resources of your server, and hence performing upgrades will be difficult and costly.

What are Virtual Private Servers(VPS)? How do they differ from shared hosting?

Virtual Private Servers(VPS) are similar to shared hosting servers with some customizations. VPS service providers allocate dedicated resources for you. You can install the desired operating system of yours. Your website will not be affected by the traffic of other websites on the same server. If you expect consistency in the website speed at a nominal cost irrespective of your audience, then VPS is for you.

What are the Dedicated Servers? Are the Dedicated servers worth the cost?

Do you need an entire server allocated for you? Then, Dedicated hosting is for you. You can use all the assets of a server along with complete administrative privileges. If you are sure that your website will witness heavy traffic, then the Dedicated Server is the most exceptional choice. Else, it’s good to look at the Cloud hosting servers. Also, Dedicated Servers are exorbitantly priced. There is substantial wastage of resources when the traffic is low. Higher operating and maintenance costs are some other aspects to inscribe.

Which type of hosting offers the best value for money?

Cloud Hosting is a hosting in which all the information is not hosted on a single server, but hosted on a network of connected and physical cloud servers. It is one such hosting in which you pay only for what you use. You can either upgrade or downgrade your resources according to your needs and pay accordingly. They have excellent flexibility, reliability, and scalability. Hence, they have emerged as the hosting which offers the best value for money.

Every hosting has its offerings. The hosting choice utterly depends on the type of business and personal preference.

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