Swift Development

iOS Programming Made Fast, Approachable, Expressive, and Safe

Who can use Swift Development?

Swift, a safe, fast, and interactive programming language developed by Apple Inc., is a great way to write software for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux. While the compiler is optimized for performance, the language is optimized for development. Swift is a friendly language for new programmers.

It’s an industry-quality programming language that’s both expressive and enjoyable. By writing Swift code in a playground you can experiment with code and see the results immediately, without the need for building and running an app. Swift adopts modern programming patterns and avoids common programming errors. The apps developed with this language will be lightning quick.

Our Approach

Swift, formed by the latest research on programming language, is very easy to learn. Inferred types in Swift lets the developers avoid the tiring task of defining the variables they are using. Swift will automatically dispose of any unused information and free the memory rather than the developers having to deal with the memory management. Swift allows the developers to build a small piece of code that can repeatedly collect information using Closures. Developers no longer have to worry about the errors caused by semicolons as Swift makes it optional.

The programming language instantly displays the output as soon as a line of code is inserted. If you have a loop in your code, you can monitor its progress on the timeline assistant. The timelines display the variables in a graph and draws each step. Playgrounds allows the developers to experiment with the new APIs.

Swift eliminates any classes of unsafe code. The Syntax is made easier in Swift. The safe patterns in Swift makes the entire process of developing apps for the iOS and OS X extremely easy and safe.

Swift programming language was built to be fast. Swift provides excellent performance and safety compared to the native Objective-C and also provides developers a chance to learn Swift that is easy and helpful.

Swift is open source, which means that there is an active and vibrant community constantly trying to improve the functionality and usefulness of the programming language. New developers won’t have to search far in order to find tips and tricks for their own development projects.

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