StyleDotMe's MirrAr is reforming the jewellery & fashion industry!

StyleDotMe's MirrAr is reforming the jewellery & fashion industry | Blog

In the past 5 years, we have seen a major revamp of the entire world. We are becoming more tech-driven due to the digital tools. Direct human interaction has been declining and the human-machine interactions are soaring up. The previous year has especially accelerated this as the COVID-19 pandemic has created a need for the decrease in human-human interaction. Many industries have witnessed a major overhaul. Fashion and Jewellery is one such industry and Styledotme is here to revolutionize it. 

MirrAr, an Augmented Reality(AR) based application that can act as a mirror to virtually try-on jewels and fashion wears. It was StyleDotMe, a fashion tech company that came up with this novel idea of mirrAr. MirrAr, a B2B SaaS product was aimed at creating an astounding shopping experience of jewellery shopping through augmented reality.

MirrAR is the world’s first real-time Augmented Reality (AR) driven tech platform that lets consumers virtually try-on jewellery without actually wearing it. Users can try any number of products, wear them, take snaps and share them with others too! 

MirrAr is now being used by a variety of brands. Currently, more than 80+ jewellers including top rated jewellers such as Tanishq, Malabar, etc across 18+ Indian cities are working with StyleDotMe. 

There are also certain virtual inventory stores that use the offline model of MirrAr. It was Tanishq that created it first in Delhi and Bangalore airports. It created a great buzz as it was a new experience and everyone loved it. 

The offline model has MirrAr set up on tablets or iPad. The customers can simply visit the store to try all the products including the ones that aren’t available in a store. 

StyleDotMe provides a great set of features in order to revolutionize the jewellery shopping experience. It includes:

  • Virtual Jewellery Try On
  • Zero-Inventory Stores
  • E-Catalogue
  • Data Analytics and Business Insights
  • CAD & Hand Sketches Try-On
  • Mobile Version of mirrAR

The mobile version of MirrAr is available as an app in the App store. The users can easily download, install and start using it to virtually try-on jewels at their convenience. 

The main USP of MirrAr is that it is a real-time virtual try-on app and it doesn’t require users to manually position the jewelleries on a static picture of themselves. This is one of the biggest ever advantages of MirrAr.

With such cutting edge AI-based virtual try-ons being launched from time to time, businesses have a lot of advantages such as:

  • The need for a physical inventory with all the products is avoided. 
  • Frequent opening of packages and showing them to customers and then repacking is no more. 
  • Increased sales and user satisfaction as users can try any number of products. 

Users will also have advantages such as:

  • No more hassles of going out and waiting for a long time outside trail rooms to try a product. 
  • Can try any number of products any number of times

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