Serverless Framework

Accelerating Application Development with Serverless Computing

Who can use Serverless Framework?

Serverless is a cloud-based architecture where the allocation and provisioning of servers are dynamically managed. It offers great scalability and flexibility at a lower cost. Developers can now write and deploy code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

The pricing is completely based on the amount of resources consumed by an application. Serverless computing is helpful to teams as it increases their productivity and helps in bringing the product to market faster. It also allows organizations to optimize resources better and stay focused on innovation.

Our Approach

In Serverless architecture, a cloud provider manages the code execution. The person or business owning the system do not have to purchase or rent servers or virtual machines for the back-end code to run on.

Previously developers had to worry about managing and operating servers or runtimes which slowed down the whole process. Serverless helps in not wasting time as the focus is on the core product. Developers can break down their applications into smaller pieces and can execute in serverless without any context regarding the underlying server.

The developers are only charged for the server space that they use which reduces a lot of unwanted costs. In order to release a working model of the application, there is no need to upload the code to a server or a back end configuration. Quick deployment and updates are therefore possible in Serverless.

Serverless computing is event-driven and you only pay for the time when the code is running. As the user base or the usage increases, the applications built with serverless infrastructure will automatically scale.

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