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Paytm's mini app store: A revolution?


Everyone was amazed when Paytm was taken down from the play store a month ago and then restored. Paytm was clearly not happy with the move. Just a week after this move by Google, Paytm came up with its mini app store, especially for the Indians intending to boost the Indian developers and support the Atma Nirbhar (self-reliant) Bharat campaign of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi

CodingMartblog-Paytm's mini app store: A revolution?

Paytm has also announced that it won’t charge a penny for the listing fee to the developers and will also provide free Paytm Wallet, UPI, Paytm Payments Bank transactions. This announcement and offer have garnered great attention among the developers. This move is largely welcomed as it contributes to the development of the nation. This has hit at the right time as the anti-china movements have been stirring up and everyone is keen on supporting Indian apps and sites.

Paytm has reported that more than 300 app-based service providers such as Netmeds, Ola, 1MG, Freshmenu, etc have already joined their program. Paytm also provides a dashboard for the developers for payment collection and management, analytics, and various other marketing tools. The app is currently in beta and only a few select users have been using it. It has witnessed 12 million+ visits during the month of September.

With the launch of Paytm mini store, Paytm has set a platform for the Indian developers. Though it may not compete with the Google play store at present, it will create a revolution by exhibiting the Indian talents to the world and contribute to the
economical development of India

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