Pandemic is around.Did you receive your Bonus?


COVID 19 has shattered the lives of individuals and obliged work from home. Be it a salaried class or a daily wager,  everyone was pushed into an impecunious situation. Every organization faced challenges in paying its employees and upbringing their organization. Forget about upbringing, it was difficult to even manage the existing resources without suffering losses.

From the beginning of the Industrial Era, Bonuses have consistently been a part of healthy employment. It induces healthy competition and innovative thinking. Every organization has its own bonus schemes in practice but providing a bonus during this pandemic is a little tough.

Thus every employee dreams to get appraised or awarded and as an employer, we must try from our end to fulfill their expectations.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Codingmart’s comprehensive bonus scheme was successfully introduced to motivate the eligible Codingmart family members to achieve further. All our 1+ Year old codingmarters were awarded Bonus. Employee satisfaction has always been a prime motto of Codingmart and it has been proved again. Yes, in this pandemic it’s a difficult practice to include in any company strategy, but timely reward brings great satisfaction to any hardworking employee.

Codingmart as a company is always well planned for this kind of force majeure event. All our protocols are well designed in the favor of our employee’s safety. From the day of our origin, we prioritized employees first, it’s in our DNA and even Corona can’t break our resolution of salary on time 


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