One of the largest OTAs in India engaged Codingmart to build their new line of business.

The Challenge

OTAs are online travel agencies that solve the problem of booking & ticketing of flights, hotels, trains, buses etc. These companies are considered to be pioneers in e-commerce bringing in customers in large chunks to transact online for the first time ever.

Over time, the OTAs have seen some sort of saturation in their growth and had to keep innovating to stay relevant and be in the game. Several companies introduced ancillary products, morphed into holiday companies, built content for travel etc. However, this OTA introduced a product that aggregated content for things to do across 50 cities.

Our Approach

Codingmart partnered with the OTA and built the backend administration panel for aggregating activities & things to do across 50+ cities in India from over 1000+ service providers. The challenge was that a significant majority of the service provider community was getting online for the first time ever.

Codingmart put together the product design that will help onboard the service provider community with little friction and still adhere to the product & design philosophy of the company in general. Then came the challenge of building the front end apps for consumers. The challenging part is that the company had millions of loyal customers and the product positioning, design & experience should not distract them from their existing usage pattern.

These apps were built on mix of Java & Ruby on Rails to facilitate smooth integration between their existing systems that were running at scale. The front end consumer facing app was a native Android & iOS apps which was built together by our engineers augmenting their team of engineers.

Fact Sheet


  • Java¬†
  • ROR
  • Angular JS
  • Swift, Kotlin


  • Product Manager
  • Engineering Architect
  • Backend Engineers
  • Frontend Engineers
  • Swift Engineer
  • Kotlin Engineer
  • Integration Specialist
  • ¬†Test Engineer


3 Months


  • 1000+ Service Providers
  • 1 Million Customers
  • 10000 transactions on Day 100
best practices

The product became a trailblazer in many ways than one and it gave the brand a new product line to talk to customers & bring them back to their platform more frequently than before, increasing the engagement rates by 20% in the first quarter of launch. The transactions grew from 10 per day on day 1 to 10000 per day on the 100th day making it a successful line of business for the company.