Kotlin Development

JVM-Compatible, Secure, Operational, and Google's Official Language for Android Development.

Who can use Kotlin Development?

Kotlin is for anyone who wants to improve their experience and productivity as an Android developer. It overcomes most of the issues faced by Java in Android development. It is an open source, statically-typed language developed by JetBrains. It can be used to develop Client-side web, Server-side or Android development. Kotlin is efficient and presents a familiar development tooling that is meant to boost the developers’ productivity. Less code takes less time to write, less time to read, and is less susceptible to bugs, which are all provided by Kotlin. Kotlin is easy to learn and understand. Anyone who understands Java can easily learn the technology.

Our Approach

Any new tool for business is a well-thought decision. Deploying a new tool aims at solving an existing problem in a simpler and better way. Kotlin has already been embraced by several businesses for Android app development.

Kotlin is reliable due to its evolutionary process. Using Kotlin, programmers can write more stable and safer lines of code. Android app development using Kotlin takes less time and money compared to using Java. The maintenance and development of Kotlin projects can be done at a low cost.

Kotlin has a faster turnaround time and ensures higher quality due to its concise codes. It also has a plethora of great language features. Kotlin is used by its parent company for its own line of products, hence it has a practical value for its parent company. JetBrains along with Google’s support is constantly working towards its development. It enhances the run-time performance.

Companies like Pinterest, Square, and Basecamp and several other companies have been using Kotlin for their applications. Get started with technology today. To know more, contact us at code@codingmart.com.

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