India’s top entertainment ticketing site partnered with Codingmart to boost their international operations.

The Challenge

Several ticketing websites have emerged in the recent past. It is indeed a blessing for everyone who wants to avoid the hassles of standing in long queues and struggling to get a ticket. But, lately, there has been a lot of competition between ticketing websites in terms of the services provided and their intended target audience. 

One such established ticketing website approached us with few challenges they faced in their business. Offering a wide variety of sub products, the client wanted to diversify their existing website and bring in new fields of entertainment to their existing customers. Facing heavy competition from their competitors, the said ticketing website wanted to include activities and events from across the world. 

Our Approach

Codingmart joined hands with the company and helped them in developing a new product from scratch. A separate platform that would aggregate contents for activities and events across the world was designed. It was designed in PWA (Progressive Web Apps), allowing it to be used across all platforms. Keeping the user experience and scalability of the product in mind, careful choices of technology were made. Efficient technologies like GoLang and Node JS were used for backend development.

While the current app lets users search for events and activities within India, our development is intended to let the users search for various events and activities in the country they travel to. Experiences or events are driven by various aggregators. The user experience level has been enriched by redefining the UI platform. User Interface is given utmost care and importance throughout. CMS also plays an important role in this project. While several information is auto-updated and doesn’t require a manual update, some information can also be manually updated. Various events are mapped and segregated accordingly to ensure no wastage of time.


Fact Sheet


  • ReactJS
  • GoLang
  • React
  • PWA


  • Product Manager Engineering
  • Architect Backend Engineers 
  • Frontend Engineers
  • Integration Specialist
  • Test Engineer


4 Months


  • 1.5 Million Users
  • 800 Transactions per day
best practices

Users can now check for events and activities within India and also International events and activities. The user experience is given priority and importance. Regular updates are done based on the requirements.