The Most In-Demand Programming Languages For 2019

in demand programming languages for 2019

There are a number of languages that are used widely today. Coding Dojo, a coding school has released the most in-demand coding languages for this year. The company analyzed a number of job postings on Dice and and spoke with their own instructors to create this ranking.

Here are the top 9 in-demand programming languages for 2017:

1. SQL: SQL was put in the lead because the number of job descriptions that included SQL was nearly over 50,000. SQL is a language that is used to communicate and manipulate databases. SQL has become so common that it comes with a number of variations like Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Microsoft SQL has become the most popular among these variations with new features that made the language more open-sourced.

2. Java: Java positions on went up to around 30,000 in 2017 as compared to 2016 due to the rise in Android users and the growth of its developer community. Java is a simple and readable programming language that is used by a number of developers and devices around the world today. Native Android apps are built using Java and around 90% of the Fortune500 companies use Java as a server-side language.

3. Python: Python has been continuously growing in popularity since 2016. It is general purpose programming language with puts importance on code readability and increases developer productivity in desktop apps, data mining, and web apps.

4. JavaScript: Different from Java, JavaScript is mainly a client-side, dynamic scripting language that is used for front-end development. It is compatible across all the browsers and used in most of the web pages.

5. C++: C++ increased job postings of over 20,000 in 2016. C++ is built on the C language which is the grandfather of all programming languages. It is high performance and powerful language that is used in building game engines, system software, and web and desktop apps.

6. C#: C# was developed for .NET software framework by Microsoft. It can now, however, be used on non-Window machines as well. Its main use is the building of Microsoft enterprise software.

7. Perl: Perl has increased in popularity this year. Also called ‘the duct tape that holds the internet together’, is actually two languages now – Perl5 and Perl6. Both are general purpose dynamic languages that are used mostly in graphics, CGI, finance, and network programming.

8. iOS Family: Developers writing for iOS operating system often use Objective-C, C, or the new Swift programming language by Apple. Swift has become a popular programming language due to its speed, scalability, ease of use, and strong demand in the marketplace.

Well, there you have it – the top programming languages for this year.

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