How will the IT industry be by 2040?

Before the beginning of the 21st century, 20 years ago, the present advancements were unthinkable. Every industry beheld a tremendous leap and achieved day and night differences within these 20 years. Special mention to the information technology (IT) that has made it possible. Looking at the current headways, we can imagine a few progressions that the IT sector will witness by 2040.

In the future, there will be an enormous market for automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Softwares all over the world. As the demand increases, companies and developers involved in the formulation of such automation tools will also have great demand.

The e-commerce sector will reach maximum heights. Almost all offline stores will try to experiment and expand their business online. Hence, mobile apps and websites will gain recognition. So, the app and web development business will be at its peak.

The defence and health sector will have a lot of equipment embedded with AI. Even e-commerce, automobile, and many sectors will rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, Artificial Intelligence developers will gain importance.

Modern technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (ML) will tend to replace manual work, thereby reducing job requirements for various roles such as customer service executives. 

single code base will be enough to develop applications working on multiple platforms. Advanced no-code development platforms will also come into play.

As the IT sector progresses, the competition to get into will also grow exponentially. Many graduates will be competing to bag an offer. Being an expert in only one programming language may not help in the future as everyone will prefer a full stack developer.

HR executives will no longer have to go through the tedious work of screening heaps of resumes. Automated screening applications based on Artificial Intelligence will do the job.

Advanced Chatbots will have a valuable role to play in many scenarios. They may replace Customer Service Executives and offer extended support to customers and may rule out the high waiting time and pressing a spate of numbers while contacting customer care.

In the view of making the future of the IT industry in India a glorious one, many IT giants may opt for nationwide qualifier tests, thereby maximizing the chances of every eligible candidate getting the opportunity. Going for such qualifier tests will aid in uniformity. It is also less time-consuming and more productive than organizing on-campus hiring. Such tests will provoke a lot of competition, making it possible only for candidates with rigorous practice.

Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) sectors will also have colossal opportunities empowering the employment and Future of IT in India. Thus, the bright future of the IT industry of India is apparent. The present generation should adapt themselves to the changes the IT sector is going to witness and ameliorate their skills.


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