How rewarding are Push notifications?

Push notifications are one of the reasons why many businesses and people choose to have a Mobile app. But, how fruitful and rewarding are they? Let’s know

What are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are simply pop up messages that appear on smartphones and desktops. They may be either informational, promotional, alert messages, etc. 

Today, we receive tons of Push notifications. Only a few of them gain our attention and are useful while most of them are junky. 

There are several types of push notifications:

1.Badge type – They appear as a small symbol in the taskbar or the notification shade. 

2.Banner type – They may consist of either images or graphics. They pop up and disappear after some time. 

3. Alert type – They mostly take up the entire screen and exit only after an action is taken by the user. 

Why are Push Notifications used? 

The main use/aim of push notifications is to engage the audience and keep them up-to-date regarding the particular business/event concerned with the app. Any announcements or promotions can easily be notified to the customers. Adding recharge reminders, shopping reminders, payment reminders, etc has become a piece of cake. 

It also plays a compelling role in retargeting and bringing in repeat customers. Idle customers can also be brought back using push notifications. 

However not all Push notifications do the job. Here are few must-watch things before you post a push notification:

1.Never fill a push notification with too many graphics or unwanted texts. It may distract the user and annoy him. Be precise and get to the point. 

2.Provide only information that you think will really engage the users. Before posting a push notification, think if that notification does create interest or impact on you. Only then it will work on others.

3.Use attractive headlines, phrases, and greetings. A sense of humor is also welcomed. 

4.Don’t use too many or overpowering adjectives. 

5.Avoid hard to read fonts and complex words. Your vocabulary surely deserves a different place to be showcased. 

What information should be conveyed through push notifications? 

1. Many push notification strategies can yield great results when executed and can boost your business. Here are a few:

2. attractive coupons and discounts occasionally and announce them through push notifications. Do not spam the users every day with useless promotions. Post really useful coupons and discounts that you feel will attract the users. 

3. Post all the crucial event-based push notifications such as payment status, ticket confirmation status, etc. These can help in building trust in your business and reliability in users. 

4. Reminders to recharge, reminders to shop groceries or products that a particular user regularly buys and all other reminders should be conveyed as users may forget things due to their busy schedule. The reminders can be made based on the previous orders of a customer.

5.Everyone loves to use the most up-to-date app. If you have updated your app but the user hasn’t downloaded the latest version yet, then a push notification can be sent. Highlight one of the spectacular features of the latest update and ask the user to update the app to get the feature.

6.Encourage users to give ratings and feedback through push notifications. 

These are few of the proven ways to make your push notifications more engaging and get the most out of it. Nowadays, even desktop push notifications are gathering interest. Engaging and interesting push notifications will always produce productive results. 

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