Coimbatore's Software Development Industry

KovanPuthur to Kovai to Coimbatore to Koyampuththoor

Yes, we are talking about Manchester of South India!

Coimbatore is recently nominated for renaming by Tamil Nadu government as Koyampuththoor to match its phonetical Tamil word. Coimbatore is very famously called as Manchester of south India because of its Textile & Industrial area.

Coimbatore’s GDP is $45 billion as of 2021. With 100+ software companies in coimbatore, the GDP of software export stands at $2 billion and growing. Coimbatore is second largest IT hub in Tamil Nadu and 15th most competitive city in India by business environment.

Coimbatore Software & IT industry employees 15,000+ people, have 15+ Tech parks. Well known companies including Bosch , CTS, Wipro, Infosys (announced recently), Amazon and Codingmart Technologies have their headquarters or branches in Coimbatore. Coimbatore recently got into 17th place among the global outsourcing cities.

Talking about Codingmart Technologies, an interesting Web and Mobile development company, we have a history with Coimbatore dating back to 1989, when our founder Mr. Senthil Kumar, was born here. He always had a goal of opening a branch in his city and that finally happened in 2020.

We are located in RS Puram, Coimbatore with 50% of our employee base here (~100) and running most of our international projects from Coimbatore centre. According to placement officers from 25+ colleges located in and around Coimbatore, we are highest paying company for fresher in Tamil Nadu. We are proud of it and we always welcome talents with right value.

Mr. Neeraj Mittal, Principal Secretary, IT Department, Tamil Nadu, said Coimbatore has everything that can enable it to be the next Bengaluru in the country in the IT sector

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