Codingmart assisted a major online healthcare aggregator in constructing its accounting system.

The Challenge

The healthcare aggregator is in the business of aggregating healthcare service providers – be it medical practitioners, specialists, pharmacies, laboratories and other allied services. It is one of the earliest companies to make a mark in the vertical and still remains so.

The company on its growth had built & acquired a number of product & business lines related to the healthcare and had a tough time integrating them into their main business line while keeping the enhancements of the allied product lines on.

Codingmart was engaged by the company to build a Finance & Accounting System to its B2B product line that had hundreds of corporate customers across the globe.


Our Approach

Codingmart’s team understood the requirement in detail and spent significant time in understanding the codebase and its implications when a new large feature is built and integrated on a standalone basis. The architecting had to be perfect and the architect from our side interacted with their engineering architect to factor in various things and begin engineering.

Third party services in the field of finance & accounting were to be integrated and as per their large clients’ request, certain things needed to be customized and refactored in.

These apps were built on mix of Java & Node JS to facilitate smooth integration between their existing systems that were running at scale. The frontend customer facing app was built in Node JS & React JS with a middle layer that ran the application and stored all the critical data.

Fact Sheet


  • Java 
  • React JS
  • Node JS


  • Business Analyst
  • Engineering Architect
  • Backend Engineers
  • Frontend Engineers


2 Months


  • 10,000+ invoices & Receipts were handled on daily basis.
best practices

The application that we build sat in between the company & their clients’ finance systems and spoke to each other passing relevant data in realtime. From then on, there have been many third party accounting systems that were brought in and integrated along with customisations for large clients that had their own system making it a three way integration between various systems and ensuring they talk to each other realtime seamlessly which has been achieved.