Codingmart band together with a travel conglomerate from Europe to go online.

The Challenge

Tourism is a well-established industry. Worldwide a growing interest is taken in the tourism sector. A Destination management system includes a complete set of tourism management, promotion, and fulfillment tools with the product, business, and visitor databases as its foundation. As interesting and easy it may sound, most companies face a lot of challenges in meeting their travelers’ expectations. One such travel conglomerate from Europe approached us with few challenges which we were keen to take up and solve.

Delay in Communication with their agents in different countries was a major problem. Since their processes were manual and outdated, it lead to a lot of errors. They faced a lot of customer dissatisfaction due to slow turnaround times.

Our Approach

We took up the challenge and developed a system from scratch. We structured an application which included itinerary planning and booking tool which brought the entire process and data together in one place. It had separate sections accessible to separate groups of people. They can now see and manage travel programs easily. There are separate modules to help travel agents worldwide to create itineraries, reserve product inventory, provide ground support and work behind the scenes to manage every part of the tour from hotel and restaurant booking to entrance and guides. Most of the outdated and manual processes were updated and automated. This ensured faster turnaround times. When it comes to the technology at hand, we are never behind in using the best technology available. The combination of Rails and AngularJS were used as its backend and frontend technologies respectively. Constant meetings and discussions with the client ensured we never lagged in meeting any of their expectations. Constant discussions meant regular updation of the application.

Fact Sheet


  • Ruby on Rails
  • AngularJS
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis


  • Backend Engineers
  • Frontend Engineers
  • Designers
  • Test Engineers


7 Months


  • 1000+ Service Providers
  • 1 Million Customers
  • 10000 transactions on Day 100
best practices

The application has helped our client meet their requirements and overcome almost all of their challenges. With the application, travel agents from any part of the world can prepare and get itineraries approved in just 15 minutes. Customers now have quick access to relevant information and can also negotiate and customize their itinerary. Services are crystal clear, efficient and also provides faster turnaround. Customer satisfaction has increased to a significant level.

If you are looking for a technology service partner to help give your business the success it deserves, look no further.