5 interesting mobile apps to boost productivity

Concentration and perseverance are two key factors to boost productivity. How pleasing it would be if technology can also take part in making you productive? Here we have a few apps that can help you:

  • Google Keep  

Often, you get an idea, but will not find a pen and paper to jot it down. Google Keep will come in handy at such scenarios. What else can it do? You can doodle something and store it. In addition, it has intelligent Grocery predictions, multiple input options such as checkbox, images, etc. You can also store voice notes, add reminders and labels. Sounds promising right? 

  • Foxit

PDFs have become an integral part of our life. They are like digital papers. But, we find it difficult to edit. Here comes Foxit, which helps us to edit pdf files easily. You can easily edit, manage and sign pdf forms. You can also fill forms that are in pdf format, doodle, add annotations, scan documents to generate rich pdfs using Foxit. 

  • Trello

It’s a virtual bulletin. You have cards that can be assigned for each task. The highlight of this app is that it is extremely helpful in managing teams. You can add teammates, allot tasks to them, set reminders, mark completed tasks, manage personal and office tasks etc. 

  • Lucidchart

Sometimes you need a flow to be created to explain things better to your team. Lucidchart helps you do that. You can draw attractive flow charts, diagrams using its vast range of templates and graphics. 

  • Cloudconvert

Often, you face difficulty in opening certain files due to incompatibility. It may require you to install additional applications or software. With Cloudconvert, it’s not an issue. It supports more than 200 extensions so you can basically convert any file into any format which you wish. 

Try these apps and let us know if you found them helpful! 

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