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Message from Codingmart

Our founders' philosophy, “Humans spend 30% of life sleeping, 20% in education institutions, 10% in self care and 5% in hospitals. So remaining 35% in work, which is the highest proposition in your life”, so theoretically if you don’t love what you do, you are not living the one life. In Codingmart we care about this, we understand they are not coming just to work, they are coming to live here and we make it up for them.

Why Codingmart?

1  Do, Learn and Educate

Everyone is here to learn. The ability to learn is itself a skill. Learning never has a stopping phase. We strongly emphasize learning from doing and educating the same to the team mates. Knowledge enriches by sharing with others and we believe the same.

2  Being yourself

Being yourself is the first step towards becoming better than what you are. At Codingmart, you are free to work as per your convenience. We are flexible and we understand your concerns. We strongly believe that being yourself increases Productivity and boosts your self-confidence.

3  Inspiring welfare schemes

When we are able to satisfy our employees, then we'll surely be able to serve Customers with the best. All round welfare schemes to support our codingmart family members have been introduced, which enhance the mutual trust between us and our employees.

4  Teamwork in diversity

Teamwork divides the work and doubles the success. We have diversified teams which comprises intellectual seniors and contemporary juniors who can produce remarkable results together and can help each other to master skills and achieve success. Collaborations make miracles.

5  Immense growth opportunities

Codingmart is a house of talents. There is always something to learn from everyone here and hence learning is a regular activity. As a result of learning and upskilling, businesses grow and when businesses grow, there will be tremendous opportunities for everyone to grow and outshine.

6  Balanced Work culture

Encouragement, Enthusiasm and Engagement are mutual terms. Where there is no encouragement, there'll be no enthusiasm. Where there is no enthusiasm, there'll be no engagement. Codingmart has an Engaging, Enthusiastic, Encouraging and Entertaining environment to let everyone lead a pleasant life.

Inside Codingmart

At Codingmart, we aim at harnessing the unique contributions of all our Codingmart family members
towards creating a sustainable, competitive and innovative environment.

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