Learning Development

Creating an environment that motivates learning and empowers employees to grow and succeed

To provide enough growth opportunities to employees

To provide Customer-Centric learning and development

To develop and enhance our NextGen Leaders

To induct and develop Fresh Talent from Campuses

Codingmart - Learning and Development

Codingmart has an exclusive Learning and Development (L&D) team that assists in fostering the development of the entire Codingmart community. The L&D team keeps track of all the current and future technologies and will propose learning programmes for each employee depending on the individual skills and interest. If a Codingmart family member has an interest towards learning a Skill/Technology, we highly motivate them and impart the necessary training. The upskilling is not just limited to technical skills. Coequal importance is given to non-technical soft skills and leadership skills. Advanced training is provided to make everyone adept. Inbound training and outbound training form a part of our learning curriculum. Our care for the Codingmart family is relentless. We have always been and will always be an employee first organization, who in turn make us the best organization in serving our Customers.