Application development- Web, Mobile and PWA

Application development deals with the process of creating programs or set of programs to perform a set of tasks that the business requires.

How it works

An application developer is responsible for translating software requirements into a working program code. Web, mobile and PWA(Progressive Web Apps) development are much in use for businesses these days. Developers are supposed to develop and maintain programs for several uses in the business.

In a Web application development, the application program resides on the server and is accessed by the clients through the internet. The process of creating software applications that run on mobile devices is called Mobile application development. PWAs work with all browsers and are compatible with any device, regardless of screen size and other specifications. Tablet and mobile users will have the same experience. You can even adjust the app to the desktop if needed.

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For every task at hand, there is an app that can be developed. A software application is run on the device to accomplish a task easier and is more effective than doing it manually and complicating the task at hand. Every application development needs gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration.

A PWA is a web application that works offline. We ensure the best run time performance for every PWA application. PWA works with all browsers and is compatible with any device, regardless of screen size and other specifications. Tablet and mobile users will all have the same experience. We ensure full responsiveness and browser compatibility, connectivity independence, app-like interface, push notifications, self updates, safety, discoverability and easy installation in PWA development.

The mobile application development process involves creating installable software bundles, implementing back-end services and testing the application on target devices. We develop mobile apps that fashionably highlight your business and which will bring your user closer to the app with increased and better user experience. We develop mobile apps fulfilling the client requirements, within the given budget and also deliver the app before the given time.

Web application development normally has a shorter development life cycle lead by a smaller team. We, at codingmart, also redesign and rebuilt your web app to give it a better and modern interface. It takes lesser time and also lesser cost of development.

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